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When it comes to the weight loss process, there are a lot of factors that can affect your overall success and which tools will work the best for you.

Learn more about your metabolism and the role it plays in weight loss. Ready to find support for your journey at our weight loss clinic? Request a consultation at Full Circle Health in Mesa and learn more about our recipe for weight loss success!

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When it comes to your health, it’s important to keep both your mind and your body nourished. That’s why we approach every patient as a whole person, focusing on improving quality of life instead of just treating the symptoms.

Learn how you can prioritize the health of both your mind and body with our team at Full Circle Health in Mesa. Request a consultation with our team for the widest range of medical, weight loss, and aesthetic services in one place.

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In the weight loss community, you’ll hear a lot about intuitive eating and its ability to help some people with their weight and health concerns. But what exactly is intuitive eating?

In this blog post, we’ll dive into intuitive eating, and why it works for some people. But when it comes to weight loss success, there is nothing wrong with asking for a little help! At Full Circle Health in Mesa, our weight loss clinic is designed to offer each patient with individualized support to achieve those long-term goals....


As you may or may not know, hormones are responsible for a variety of critical activities in the body, including our capacity to retain muscle mass, decrease fat mass, and cope with stress and our appetite.

As a result, when a hormonal imbalance arises, weight loss becomes much more difficult. But don't panic if losing weight has stalled for you. In this article, we will demonstrate how these hormones may affect your weight loss, and steps you can take to improve your weight loss journey with our team at...


(Mesa, Ariz., Aug. 23, 2017) – Full Circle Health, a family practice that specializes in medical health, weight loss and aesthetics is set to open a new 3,200 square feet space on Friday, Sept. 15, 2017. The new addition will be called Full Circle Wellness and it will be dedicated to wellness and aesthetics featuring six treatment rooms, IV therapy, CoolSculpting, anti-aging medicine, laser, Botox, injectables and facial fillers, regenerative medicine, weight loss, bio-identical hormones and more. The new office will be situated next to...



Hi I am Dr. Eric Shreder of Full Circle Health in Mesa, AZ.

I would like to talk to you about Vitamin D and sun exposure. With all the public education that has occurred over the last few years regarding skin cancer prevention many of us have been slathering on the sunscreen, especially during the summer months. If that’s you good job!

Sunscreen protects against skin aging, skin cancer, and risk of melanoma. Melanoma is responsible 73% of skin cancer deaths, 1 in 34 American’s have a chance to...


Does this sound like you?:

  • watery eyes
  • headache
  • sneezing
  • congestion
  • plugged up ears
  • runny nose

When all you have to go on is symptoms that could be related to allergies or a sinus infection it can be difficult to tell what you are dealing with.

Unless you have a fever you may want to treat these symptoms as seasonal allergies. If you do have a fever you better give us a call to get in to see your doctors or our physician assistant.

Many people walk...


  • Good Day,
  • It’s Dr. Jason Frye here and today I want to quickly talk to you about one of the most common “Dad To Dad” questions I get asked…
  • If you’re not familiar with the term “Dad To Dad” (and why would you be?) it’s basically any conversation I have with other fathers who know me as a health specialist from the clinic, school or even sports clubs.
  • They like to make sure they’re “in the know” about anything that can potentially make them and their family happier and healthier…
  • So I’ve found myself talking A LOT about one area in...

  • Hello,
  • It’s Dr Frye here…
  • And this month I need just a few minutes to talk about an exciting way to conquer what I believe to be the most common and definitely the most frustrating physical and mental health conundrum of all…
  • Body Confidence.
  • Pretty much everyone at one stage or another has looked at themselves and seen something they’d like to change.
  • And usually they do that by going on a “weight loss mission”…
  • But I’m not here to talk about diets, exercise routines or anything like that (we can talk about...

It’s Dr Frye here and firstly, I hope September treated you well and you’re feeling fit and healthy in what is now the run up to Christmas…

(I don’t know where the time goes either!)

I’m now going to go ahead and warn you that this month’s topic isn’t the nicest or prettiest you’ll hear about this year but…

I’ve found that by talking about certain issues that a lot of us are “uncomfortable” discussing I’ve been able to help make a difference in a lot of lives.

If you’ve just started eating breakfast or lunch and you’re reading this – I recommend you come back...


Supplement Spotlight: PREGNENOLONE

Pregenolone is a “parent hormone” that gives rise to important “neurohormones” that effect learning, memory, mood, stress and much more.

Pregnenolone, sometimes called the “mother of all steroid hormones”, is an interesting substance in the body that is a precursor hormone for other hormones like DHEA, cortisol, estrogen and testosterone (because it is a precursor to these important hormones it gets the name of “parent hormone”). The biggest area we use pregnenolone in the practice is to help patients boost their memory. As we...


“This test is used by elite athletes to evaluate their cardiometabolic status. If it is good enough for them we want to use it on our patients!”

~ Dr. Eric Shreder

Office News

We are pleased to announce a new tool to help us preventatively diagnose heart and lung disease. And guess what: your insurance will pay for it!

Typically for just a regular office visit copay and you can get your fitness level evaluated with the Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test or CPX for short.

We do this test in our offices which will measure your heart and lungs during...


Antioxidants in our daily skin care regimen are powerful tools in the fight against ageing. They help prevent oxidation and fight free radicals.

We see examples of oxidation all the time. Think of an iron object left outdoors too long; it begins to rust. Or when you cut an apple and after a few minutes it begins to turn brown.

Free radicals come from U


Hi, Dr. Frye here and this month I wanted to give the newsletter reins over to our medical aesthetician Jean to talk about our special summer edition of the Full Circle Health Newsletter.

This month we will focus on one of our skin’s worst enemies: UV Radiation. It’s a topic we just have to talk about since Arizona has one of the highest skin cancer rates in the nation and many are confused about all the various forms of protection out there in the marketplace and how to use them....


Hello, Dr.Shreder here with Full Circle Health. Fall break has recently wrapped up here in Arizona. So, now that the kids have gone back to school and fall break vacations are wrapping up, it’s time to start focusing on some much needed “you” time again. Since it is still very sunny and hot here in the desert, I felt it was important to follow up last week’s post on sunscreen with a post on Skin Cancer.

Skin Cancer… It’s the most common form of cancer here in the U.S., affecting nearly 2,000,000...


Stress can be defined as any physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in the cause of disease.

Everyone experiences a certain degree of stress in their lives. In today’s busy world it’s inevitable. Busy work schedules, family life, economic problems and illness all contribute to our daily stress levels. How we handle that stress, however, is different from individual to individual. Some people thrive on it, while others become ill.

So…is all stress bad?

No, not necessarily. A certain amount of...


Aging: the process of growing older. It happens to all of us. We don’t like it, but it’s inevitable. Sooner or later those annoying gray hairs start to appear and our skin doesn’t look as soft and smooth as it once did. These are both normal signs of aging. Under the surface as well, our bodies are undergoing a series of changes within our cells and systems. As much as we don’t like to think about it, the changes that occur with aging result in our body not being able to function and adapt efficiently, and this leads eventually to death.


There have been many...


We’ve reached that time of the year when we can pamper ourselves with parties, decorations, time with family, leisure time, and, of course, HEAPS of very tasty food. Oh wait… how about the stress, the flu, congested roads, crowds at the malls, time with vexing relatives and some extra padding around the waist? We don’t mean to sully the holiday spirit by evoking the spirit of Scrooge, but even the cheeriest of us is likely to experience one or more of these things over the holidays. So we thought it was a good time to share some of our favorite tips for getting through the...


Utilizing the Body’s Facility to Heal Itself

There’s a regenerative substance found in the body that can mend tendons and muscle tears, speed up wound healing, improve hair growth, and restore youthful fullness to the face. This magical substance is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

What is PRP?

Our blood is comprised of micro-sized, solid components; which include red cells, white cells, and platelets. Platelets are made up of hundreds of proteins called growth factors (the regulatory mechanisms of cell growth and division) which are integral components to healing injuries....


Envision yourself wielding a powerful, brightly lit energy blade, a sword really, approximately 3 feet long that can be deflected by another blade of energy or energy shield. These blades of energy have the capacity to cut, melt, burn just about anything with very little resistance and can even be used to weld metal. The question is, what is it? Fans of Star Wars know the answer… it’s a lightsaber!

But Star Wars wasn’t the originator of the concept of a beam of energy as a sword .The origins date back to a novel written in 1933. Based on the fascination we seem to have with...


It seems we’re ever bombarded by the news and in the literature by warnings and dangers that threaten our concept of health and longevity. One year a particular lifestyle, trend or food is a boon to our health; the next year it’s a hindrance or deadly threat, best to be avoided. How do we navigate through these ever-changing waters of what it means to be healthy, and find some solid ground to guarantee our well-being? Like many things, the answer goes back to the basics of eating healthily and supplementing our diets with high-quality vitamins and minerals wherever our diets are...


We’re deep into flu season and so many of us start to ramp up our daily doses as a result. This leads us to ask some interesting questions such as…

  • Are there any risks associated with taking too many vitamins?
  • Which vitamins should we be taking, and where should they be obtained?
  • What kind of benefits can we expect from taking vitamin and mineral supplements?

These are the kind of questions we’ll be discussing in the following post.

History of Vitamin Supplementation

The health of our bodies depends on getting the optimal amount...


Dr. Shreder recently got featured in an article for the East Valley Tribune. The article discusses his diverse background: Starting as a psychology major, his experience as a commercial pilot and flight instructor, and his current medical practice which draws on his past experiences.

The article also talks a little bit about his practice at Full Circle. As Dr. Shreder said, “It’s a med...


Here’s what you’ll receive:

☑ Weight Loss Consultation (Retail $99)

☑ Your Choice of Diet Program Starter Month:

1) 28 Day HCG (Retail $297 a month) with 4 Lipo- Extreme Injections (Retail $28 each)

2) 28 Day Meal Replacement (one shake and 1 snack a day) (Retail $297 a month) with 4 Lipo- Extreme Injections (Retail $28 each)

3) 21 Day Sermorelin Starter (Retail $297 a month after starter)

☑ 4 Cycles of Coolsculpting (Retail $800 each)

All for just $1,997!

(Regular Retail Price $3,600+)


Residents of Gilbert, AZ have reported that they would like to restore their skin to the youthful glow of their past. They are longing to look years younger, and Full Circle AZ is the place to help achieve that goal! They specialize in many cosmetic treatments, with the most popular being Botox injections.

Botox is a treatment option that comes from a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. Botox is created using this bacterium in a laboratory, and is given in extremely tiny doses. Botox is used for cosmetic purposes and has been approved by the FDA for such treatment. It helps to...


What is Bodysculpting Cavitation?

If you are looking for new and innovative procedures to remove unwanted fat and sculpt your body, look no further than body sculpting cavitation! There is no surgery involved, and it is not invasive. Because of this, there is no time off of work, no time necessary for recover, and no time spent in the hospital! Those that choose to take part in body sculpting cavitation procedures will see an improvement in 72 hours following treatment. The most common treatment areas for body sculpting cavitation are the abdomen, buttocks, male...


Eventually, everyone will have a moment when they are looking in the mirror during their morning routine and wonder where those tiny lines came from Crows feet and inner brow marks may leave you guessing when you began to look older, and why you hadn’t realized it sooner. Some people will simply look past it, accepting that it is something that happens as they age. Others will immediately look into options on how to reduce the appearance of these pesky lines that have taken residence on their face. Botox is a great option, and the results are remarkable. Here, you will find information on...


Residents of Gilbert, AZ have reported that they would like to restore their skin to the youthful glow of their past. They are longing to look years younger, and Full Circle AZ is the place to help achieve that goal! They specialize in many cosmetic treatments, with the most popular being Botox injections.

Botox is a treatment option that comes from a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. Botox is created using this bacterium in a laboratory, and is given in extremely tiny doses. Botox is used for cosmetic purposes and has been approved by the FDA for such treatment. It helps to...


If you are unhappy with the appearance of fine lines, frown lines, or any other type of facial line, Botox can help to smooth their appearance! It only takes a few minutes and is non-invasive and FDA approved for treatment. There is no downtime when it comes to treatment, so you can leave the office and go about your normal daily routine. You can even head to the office for treatment on your lunch break!

As we get older, the muscles both above and between the eyebrows repeatedly contract and tighten. This causes wrinkles. Botox does the work to improve the appearance of their line...


Stretch marks occur when the layer of skin in the middle, called the dermis, is stretched to a point where it loses elasticity. While this injury is healing, scar tissue is created. This scar tissue is the actual stretch mark. They are usually caused by quick weight gain, weightlifting, pregnancy, and growth spurts during adolescence. When they first occur, they have a reddish hue. Then, they become silver to white in color.

Both men and women suffer from stretch marks. The most common places are the abdomen, underarms, back, thighs, hips, buttocks, and breasts, Women are most at...


What are stretch marks?

Striae distensae, or stretch marks, occur when the skin is rapidly stretched over the weak connective tissue in the dermis, leaving behind scarred tissue. This is why stretch marks commonly appear during pregnancy. Common locations on the body where stretch marks form are areas where fat is stored, such as the buttocks, thighs, chest, lower abdomen and the lower back. Stretch marks can also appear on areas such as the knees and calves.

Why do stretch marks form?

Whether a person gets stretch marks or not may be due...


Historically, Vaginal Rejuvenation has been a touchy subject, so it hasn’t been given a lot of attention in the media. Along with feeling embarrassed, many women don’t realize a non-invasive, and generally painless solution for their vaginal problems is available here in, Mesa. Vaginal Rejuvenation provides benefits that can restore confidence that may have otherwise been lost as a result of having vaginal problems. An improved confidence means a better quality of life.



Microneedling – a newer and simple way to tighten the skin, by inducing collagen and elastin formation.

Although sagging skin, and wrinkles that come with sun exposure and time may seem like an inevitability as we age – we at Full circle Wellness are committed to slowing or reversing this process thru technology!

It turns out that by nature, Dr. Shreder is a sceptic! So, I set out to prove this “aesthetic microneedling stuff” was all fluff and no substance – I was soundly proven incorrect. Numerous scientific dermatology journals across the globe have supported the use of...


For some, it may seem that after trying countless different diets and workouts, the last few pounds just won’t come off.

No matter how hard you try and how many different exercises you do throughout the day, the body may just seem complacent at a certain weight.

For those that have this issue, it may be beneficial to look into body sculpting. Body sculpting is a way to reshape the body by removing fat deposits from under the skin.

Until recently, the most widely used way to get rid of the fatty deposits that build up under the skin was liposuction. Liposuction is a...


In the United States, over eighty thousand people suffer with hereditary hair loss. Many more have thinning hair due to stress, among other health conditions. Those with thinning hair are not included in the eighty thousand. Overall, there are many more people struggling to improve the health and appearance of their hair.

There have been many advances in this area due to increased research and new technology. One newer technique that is becoming popular is called Platelet-Rich Plasma. This technique helps combat hair loss and also shows improvement for those with thinning...


The most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States of America is skin cancer. Skin cancer is an umbrella term, and can be broken down into various types of skin cancers; squamous cell cancers, basal cell cancers, melanoma, and a few other less common types. Symptoms for skin cancer include wounds that don’t heal, spotting on the skin, or a mole that changes shape or color. If skin cancer is suspected during an exam, the medical professional will take a biopsy. This will help them to come up with a diagnosis. Depending on the type and severity of the cancer, surgery is the most...


Laser treatment for scars uses rays of light to treat damaged areas on the body. Additionally, it can remove growths, tumors, improve vision, mitigate pain, and even treat hair loss! When used for scars, laser therapy helps to improve their appearance.

Laser treatment has a little downtime and is an outpatient procedure. The medical professional will move the laser wand over the area being treated multiple times in order to remove the damaged cells and reduce the appearance of the scar itself. Burns, injury scars, dark spots, and acne scars are all able to be treated.



Redness in the face is common, but for some people, it is a constant bother. They try many different topical ointments to find the one that works best. Over time, this becomes tedious and they look for a better solution. Redness in the face appears for many different reasons. Sun damage, genetics, acne scarring, rosacea, keratosis pilaris, sensitive skin, and scars may all cause redness! It can present itself all the time, or show up when certain triggers go off. The heat, exercise, alcohol consumption, and wind are known to trigger that red appearance. Inflammation in the skin also makes...


Injected Botulinum toxin, also known as Botox, has been used for over a decade. You may know someone who’s tried it. You may have even tried it yourself. Whatever the case, there are some things about it you may not know. The following list will reveal 15 things you should know before getting Botox.

It’s More Popular Than You Think

Since 2000, it’s been the number one nonsurgical skin-care procedure on the market. By 2020 the number of procedures performed will be around 5 million.

It Started Out as a Medical Treatment

Botox was first used in the 70’s to treat a...


Ok everyone – touchy subjects, but ones that comes up alot in our practice during well women exams – vaginal laxity, mild urinary incontinence and lack of sensation (which then leads to lack of sexual motivation) after childbirth.

Because it has been kind of taboo subject up till now, the subject of vaginal and labial laxity after childbirth and after menopause had rarely been spoken about. The good news for these women (and their husbands) is that 2nd generation treatments using RF (radio Frequency) are available to improve many problems with no downtime. A single use “wand is used...


During yearly physicals, I am invariably asked,

Doc how does my bloodwork look?

Fine, as far as I can tell with this limited test, is the answer most people receive. Most people don’t ask about how comprehensive that bloodwork was – of course its not their job to know what to ask for. Most people are fine with whatever the insurance pays for??? Oh boy, let corporate America determine whats best for me!

Many folks who are somewhat “proactive” also take a “super” multivitamin ( of course recommended by their multilevel marketing friends – who absolutely have their...


Hi, this is Dr Shreder. In a world filled with self-help information about how to age gracefully. Obviously, controlling significant medical issues such as diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol are the first order of business! I would, however, like to discuss a substance that may indeed help to slow the speed of the aging clock. The substance is known as Geref or by the generic name Sermorelin acetate.

Sermorelin acetate is a hormone also known as Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). The function of this substance is to signal the brain (pituitary) to release its own Growth...


Hi, this is Dr Shreder. In a world filled with self-help information about how to age gracefully. Obviously, controlling significant medical issues such as diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol are the first order of business! I would, however, like to discuss a substance that may indeed help to slow the speed of the aging clock. The substance is known as Geref or by the generic name Sermorelin acetate.

Sermorelin acetate is a hormone also known as Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). The function of this substance is to signal the brain (pituitary) to release its own Growth...