15 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Botox

Injected Botulinum toxin, also known as Botox, has been used for over a decade. You may know someone who’s tried it. You may have even tried it yourself. Whatever the case, there are some things about it you may not know. The following list will reveal 15 things you should know before getting Botox.

It’s More Popular Than You Think

Since 2000, it’s been the number one nonsurgical skin-care procedure on the market. By 2020 the number of procedures performed will be around 5 million.

It Started Out as a Medical Treatment

Botox was first used in the 70’s to treat a muscle-related eye condition known as strabismus. Shortly after, it found to be useful for treating face and neck spasms.

It was a Fluke Discovery

Its cosmetic benefits were only discovered in the 90’s. Patients who were being treated for strabismus noticed that their wrinkles were improving. It wasn’t long after that doctors began to use Botox for smoothing-out lines.

Robust Body of Research

Few products are as well studied as Botox. It’s proven to be both safe and effective.

It Provides Many Off-label Benefits

Many people who excessively sweat turn to Botox. Whether originating from the hairline, hands, under the breasts or butt, Botox can help. Botox helps with sweating by acting directly on the sweat glands.

It Works on Migraines

Patients who’ve had life-long migraines have used Botox to turn them off all-together.

It’s used to Treat Incontinence

Some doctors have injected Botox into the bladder muscle when it’s been overactive.

More Isn’t Always Better

The best Botox injections leave room for movement. In other words, you want some lines.

You Might Get Turned-Down Treatment

Doctors may refuse to treat you if you request for treatment prematurely or unnecessarily.

Men Have Started Using Botox

From 200 Botox treatments have risen over 300%.

It Works in Any Area Regardless of Skin Tone

Botox avoids pigmentation or scarring. This means Botox is effective across all skin types, colors, and demographics.

The Effects Aren’t Immediate

There’s a gradual buildup in how it looks. It might take a few days or even a week before you start noticing results.

It Doesn’t Kick In Right Away

It’s a gradual onset, so it won’t kick in for two or three days, up to seven. Once it does, it lasts three or four months. Each time you do it, according to Dr. Matarasso, it will last a little longer.

You Can Even Use it On Your Jaw

As we grow older the shape of our face changes. When we’re younger our faces tend to be heart-shaped. Older faces become more bottom-heavy and square. Botox is effective for restoring a youthful appearance and improving facial contours.

The Way It’s Used Has Changed

Besides using it in more diverse areas we’ve also started using less of it in one sitting. We use smaller amounts to avoid freezing up the face. The aim is to relax the muscle not paralyze it.