About Microneedling

Microneedling – a newer and simple way to tighten the skin, by inducing collagen and elastin formation.

Although sagging skin, and wrinkles that come with sun exposure and time may seem like an inevitability as we age – we at Full circle Wellness are committed to slowing or reversing this process thru technology!

It turns out that by nature, Dr. Shreder is a sceptic! So, I set out to prove this “aesthetic microneedling stuff” was all fluff and no substance – I was soundly proven incorrect. Numerous scientific dermatology journals across the globe have supported the use of microneedling!

It turns out that small controlled injuries to the skin can have a positive, rather than negative effect on youthful appearance. The bodies “natural healing response” is primarily responsible for new “collagen and elastin induction” within the skin. Skin tightening then follows. Obviously factors such as age and health will have an impact.

When combined with other modalities, such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Growth Factors, Radio Frequency (RF), fractional LASER and ultrasound (Ultherapy), microneedling offers excellent skin tightening, and even smoothing of acne scars, at relatively low cost compared to conventional plastic surgery. In our practice we have seen great results.

Much of the success, however, comes down to the skill of the operator or aesthetician involved in the procedure(s) and their level of experience. Luckily,

Full Circle Health has both an experienced aesthetician in Jean Rossolillo and ALL of the equipment necessary devices (RF, Ultherapy, LASER, and PRP centrifuges) to achieve a great and lasting result.

If interested, please don’t hesitate to schedule a free consult to see what you or significant other may achieve with our help. 480.462.7861