Am I Sick or Do I Have Environment or Food Allergies?

Does this sound like you?:

  • watery eyes
  • headache
  • sneezing
  • congestion
  • plugged up ears
  • runny nose

When all you have to go on is symptoms that could be related to allergies or a sinus infection it can be difficult to tell what you are dealing with.

Unless you have a fever you may want to treat these symptoms as seasonal allergies. If you do have a fever you better give us a call to get in to see your doctors or our physician assistant.

Many people walk around with chronic allergies, and a low level sinus infection that they have just learned to live with.

So that little sniffle, that nasally voice, if untreated, could turn into a full sinus infection or more, leading to feeling miserable, missing work, or ruining your vacation.

Treatments – available without prescription The good news for patients is that you now have an assortment of very effective over the counter medications available that can maybe even SAVE YOU MONEY.

  • oral antihistamines (Benadryl, Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra and Singulair)
  • nasal steroids (Flonase)
  • Sudafed or a combination of Sudafed and the above medications

Count yourself as lucky if these OTC medications control your seasonal allergies!

Allergy Testing

So what do you do if you think there might be something more to your symptoms than just allergies? To learn more about how this process works visit our allergy testing page.

Eric Shreder DO

Full Circle Health

P.S: To find out if you are sick or have allergies call our office at 602-704-4801 now and book your allergy consultation with one of our doctors.