Feeling your age – not!

During yearly physicals, I am invariably asked,

Doc how does my bloodwork look?

Fine, as far as I can tell with this limited test, is the answer most people receive. Most people don’t ask about how comprehensive that bloodwork was – of course its not their job to know what to ask for. Most people are fine with whatever the insurance pays for??? Oh boy, let corporate America determine whats best for me!

Many folks who are somewhat “proactive” also take a “super” multivitamin ( of course recommended by their multilevel marketing friends – who absolutely have their best interest in mind).

How does one know if those vitamins are working? or if they are being absorbed? I would argue that one of the best “bang for the buck” values is a specialized blood test (mainly not covered by insurance) which identifies deficiencies in both micro-nutrients and antioxidants. Both of these are important in order for your immune function to work properly (decrease cancer risk and fight Infections), and to reduce free radicals which in turn reduce risk of DNA damage and aging. From personal experience I can tell you that you can be taking a supplement or vitamin and still be deficient in a key micro-nutrient. Also, the requirement for vitamins minerals and micro-nutrients vary with different diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes. Every person tested thus far that has reflux or had a lap band or suffers from IBS, or Crohns has some form of micronutrient deficiency!

My recommendation is to eat like you normally do, take the vitamins and supplements that you normally take and schedule a micronutrient, antioxidant test – at least once! Don’t assume your ok – prove it!

FYI – thus far after performing hundreds of blood tests in supposedly healthy individuals (many taking supplements), I am personally the ONLY individual tested that did not have some level of micronutrient, or anti-oxidant deficiency in our practice! Admittedly, I take hundreds of dollars of high quality supplements every quarter. All that I can tell you is that i can prove that the money I spend (on supplements) is money WELL spent!

Next time your in for “bloodwork” ask for the Micronutrient panel and prove that you are “good to go”!