“Gut Bugs” and ProBiotics

It’s Dr Frye here and firstly, I hope September treated you well and you’re feeling fit and healthy in what is now the run up to Christmas…

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I’m now going to go ahead and warn you that this month’s topic isn’t the nicest or prettiest you’ll hear about this year but…

I’ve found that by talking about certain issues that a lot of us are “uncomfortable” discussing I’ve been able to help make a difference in a lot of lives.

If you’ve just started eating breakfast or lunch and you’re reading this – I recommend you come back later.

If you’re ready to hear about the “Gut Bugs” living inside you then read on…

What Are Gut Microbes?

That’s the scientific name for “Gut Bugs” and they’re bacteria that help us do everything from digesting food to recovering from illness. It’s also believed that they may help regulate our weight so they do a lot of good.


They’ve also been linked to causing IBS, abdominal pain and bloating and what’s worrying about this is a lot of doctors aren’t making the connection to the “Gut Bugs” and prescribing unnecessary (and often painful) treatments.

Why Could “Gut Bugs” Be So Problematic?

Well, 80% of your immune system is in your gut which means anytime you’re ill or feeling “under the weather” you’re heavily relying on your gut to restore you to excellent health.

If your “Gut Bugs”, the bacteria in your stomach is unbalanced and there’s more bad bacteria than good bacteria you could find yourself struggling to fire up your immune system.

But What Could Cause A Bad “Unbalance” Of Bacteria?

To be honest, scientists are still experimenting and finding out exactly what “Gut Bugs” are doing to us so if you are someone who suffers from a volatile stomach it would be difficult to pin point exactly what’s causing that if it is gut microbe related.

A poor diet would be the obvious link but researchers for the National Geographic studied their own “Gut Bugs” by closely looking at their own “bodily functions” and discovered that they “couldn’t find many lifestyle variables that would show an increase or decrease in bacteria appearing/disappearing”.


You can read the full article here: Learn About Gut Bugs

I Don’t Like The Idea Of Gut Bugs, What Can I Do?

Take ProBiotics and take them regularly.

ProBiotics are a supplement that anyone can take to improve the health of what I suppose is most easily described as their “digestive system”.

Usually made from bacteria (but occasionally yeast), ProBiotics stay in your system for two weeks and boost the amount of “good stuff” that sits in your gut.

Just make note of that “two week” bit – that’s why you need to take them regularly.

Is There Anything Else I Can Do?

Sometimes the obvious advice for looking after your health is the best advice and that’s certainly true in this case.

By managing and maintaining a healthy balanced diet along with taking ProBiotics you can see and feel an immediate improvement to your health.

Providing you’re eating the right things and taking a good ProBiotic supplement you can change the diversity of your gut bacteria from bad to good.

Fibers are the best thing to compliment ProBiotics as they’ll give the desirable bacteria something to grow on so make sure some fiber is in your diet.

(In our home cabbage is the choice!)

What Happens If I Do Nothing?

Apart from living with more irritable bowels and being bloated more often than you should, you can also open yourself up to other illnesses that threaten your quality of life.

In recent times depression and anxiety have been linked to “Gut Bugs”, as have an increased risk of Diabetes (Type 2) and becoming obese.

They’re the main risks you need to be wary of but there’s plenty more. I reveal all of them in a short video entitled…

“Probiotic Benefits”

Dr Shreder has been kind enough to donate some of his time to educate us all on the benefits of taking this little supplement and you can see what he has to say here…


The video lasts less than 5 mins and it will essentially give you a more detailed picture of what I’ve been talking about in this newsletter.

Where Can I Buy ProBiotics?

At Full Circle Health, we pride ourselves in offering our patients the best health-boosting solutions out there so we stock our own ProBiotics supplement with 7 strains.

“7 strains” means it’s the most effective on the market and of course is a 100% safe to use.

You can come in to the office and buy a monthly supply any time.

Also unlike some prescription strength ProBiotics that you need to keep refrigerated ours can be kept on the shelf at room temperature.

And remember: If you choose to buy supplements from non-medical professionals you’re taking a risk as these are often made cheaply and that can not only lead to an underwhelming supplement that has little effect on you but also nasty side effects so be careful!


That’s the October “Gut Bugs” issue over and done with

I’ll look forward to talking about a slightly nicer health-boost next month!

Best Wishes,

Dr Jason Frye

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