How Hormones Affect Your Weight Loss

As you may or may not know, hormones are responsible for a variety of critical activities in the body, including our capacity to retain muscle mass, decrease fat mass, and cope with stress and our appetite.

As a result, when a hormonal imbalance arises, weight loss becomes much more difficult. But don't panic if losing weight has stalled for you. In this article, we will demonstrate how these hormones may affect your weight loss, and steps you can take to improve your weight loss journey with our team at Full Circle Health in Mesa.

Thyroid Hormones

If someone has hyperthyroidism, it means their thyroid gland is hyperactive. As a result, it secretes more than usual, speeding up their metabolism and causing them to lose weight quickly. While this may appear to be a good thing, it can increase cardiovascular risk. On the other hand, if the thyroid hormones in our bodies aren't produced in sufficient amounts, our metabolic rate slows down dramatically, making weight reduction more challenging.


Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates glucose levels and promotes fat accumulation. Refined white flours and sweeteners are two foods that stimulate insulin release. If you have too much visceral fat, insulin can become an issue. This fat can produce inflammatory chemicals, reducing your body's natural insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity, in turn, can cause an increase in fat accumulation, which may result in difficulty losing weight.


Stress is yet another contributor to resistance to weight loss. The cortisol hormone is released by the adrenal glands. Cortisol levels rise extremely high in response to prolonged stress, resulting in lowered immunological functioning, increased hunger, abdomen weight gain, and muscle atrophy. In addition, stress activates metabolic processes, which can lead to alterations in insulin levels, resulting in weight gain.

It’s important to be aware of the different hormones in your body and how they can contribute to weight loss or weight gain. At Full Circle Health, we provide weight loss services to help you get the assistance you need when trying to shed some extra pounds. Request a consultation with us today to get started!

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