Laser Treatment for Skin Redness

Redness in the face is common, but for some people, it is a constant bother. They try many different topical ointments to find the one that works best. Over time, this becomes tedious and they look for a better solution. Redness in the face appears for many different reasons. Sun damage, genetics, acne scarring, rosacea, keratosis pilaris, sensitive skin, and scars may all cause redness! It can present itself all the time, or show up when certain triggers go off. The heat, exercise, alcohol consumption, and wind are known to trigger that red appearance. Inflammation in the skin also makes it appear redder and feel more sensitive.

For many years, laser treatments and other light-based procedures have been used to reduce redness for those that have tried the simplistic treatments with little to no improvement. These treatments work on the tiny blood vessels, facial redness, and the flushed look that is caused by rosacea. These procedures are considered cosmetic, so most insurance plans don’t cover it. Although, there are some private ones that do!

When considering laser treatments to reduce skin redness, it is important to remember that more than one session will be needed in order to achieve the desired result. Most people see improvement in six sessions. Results are meant to last, but since rosacea and other skin issues are chronic conditions, one or two treatments per year may be necessary after the initial treatment plan is completed.

The lasers and light devices that are used to emit energy that is absorbed by the small blood vessels below the skin’s surface. It is then that that energy is converted into heat. The heat makes the tiny blood vessels seal up. It is a simple procedure that gets the job done!

During a typical laser session, the patient will feel the sensation of an elastic band being snapped against the skin. It may not seem like an ideal feeling, but most people take part in the treatment with no problem at all. For the first few days after treatment, the skin may feel hot, swell a bit, and seem more red than normal. Blistering and scarring are rare, but have been reported.

For light device treatments, the sensation is typically the same. One would still compare it to an elastic snapping against the skin. There are very mild side effects, such as mild skin reddening that goes away quickly.

With either type of treatment, there is no downtime! You can go to your appointment and be out and about to enjoy the rest of your day within the house. This is a great benefit to those that never seem to find the time to take care of themselves. Between taking care of children, caring for elders, working, and running errands most don’t even take a moment to consider doing something to benefit themselves. But, this is a quick and accurate solution! It is worth taking just a little time out of your busy day to enhance your life and build self-confidence at the same time!

If you have been tanning, do not get laser or light treatments! This will result in burns, scarring, and even a change in the natural color of the skin. Consult with a medical professional regarding your interest in these types of treatment. Ideally, getting it done in a medical clinic is the best route to take!

Laser and light therapy treatments are highly recommended by those that have taken part in the procedures. Redness is greatly reduced, and people have increased confidence because of it! Leave those heavy make-ups behind and look into laser and light treatments today!