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Understanding Your Metabolism & Weight Loss

When it comes to the weight loss process, there are a lot of factors that can affect your overall success and which tools will work the best for you.

Learn more about your metabolism and the role it plays in weight loss. Ready to find support for your journey at our weight loss clinic? Request a consultation at Full Circle Health in Mesa and learn more about our recipe for weight loss success!


What Is Your Metabolism?

Your metabolism is the name given to the process that converts the foods you eat into energy. During that process, the calories of the food you eat are combined with oxygen in your body to create energy.

This means that different factors can affect your metabolism, or the rate your body turns food into energy, including your weight, sex, age, and diet.

How Does Metabolism Affect Weight Loss?

Many people blame their metabolism for lack of weight loss. And it’s true that men commonly have a higher metabolism than women. But how does your metabolism affect weight loss?

Weight loss happens when your body burns more calories than you consume or you work off those calories through exercise, so it’s true that your metabolism is linked to weight loss. But that doesn't mean that a slow metabolism is the cause of weight gain. Other factors — like the amount you exercise a day and how your body processes food — can also affect your weight, along with factors outside of your control — like medications or conditions that affect your metabolism.

Can I Change My Metabolism?

While you can optimize your metabolism by swapping processed and sugary foods for whole foods, you don’t have much control over your basal metabolism. Instead, you can focus on finding other ways to burn calories, like establishing a workout routine or amping up your exercise intensity.

Your metabolism will continue to do its job converting your food into energy. And instead, you can focus on other things, like:

  • Being accountable for your weight

  • Learning about proper food portions and how to make better choices

  • Making weight loss accessible and scheduling routine follow up appointments with your weight loss coach

  • Avoiding or swapping foods that pose bigger temptations

  • Developing a trusted coaching relationship with our team

With our weight loss recipe, we want to find a new approach to help you meet new weight loss goals and milestones.

Schedule a Consultation at Our Weight Loss Clinic

When it comes to weight loss, don’t get stuck focusing on one aspect, like your metabolism. Instead, work with our weight loss clinic to find the best routine for you ranging from learning proper eating guidelines to finding a weight loss coach and setting exercise goals for yourself.

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