Vaginal Laxity, Mild Urinary Incontinence and Lack of Sensation

Ok everyone – touchy subjects, but ones that comes up alot in our practice during well women exams – vaginal laxity, mild urinary incontinence and lack of sensation (which then leads to lack of sexual motivation) after childbirth.

Because it has been kind of taboo subject up till now, the subject of vaginal and labial laxity after childbirth and after menopause had rarely been spoken about. The good news for these women (and their husbands) is that 2nd generation treatments using RF (radio Frequency) are available to improve many problems with no downtime. A single use “wand is used to apply RF energy “heat” to vaginal and labial tissues to “shrink existing collegen” and stimulate new collagen growth in order to thicken and tighten stretches and thinned out vaginal tissue. Radio frequency can penetrate “deeper” than CO2 laser and is overall superior to laser for vaginal tightening. Combining this treatment with bio-identical hormones, can effectively put theses women “back in the game.”

Full Circle Health and Wellness is proud to be a “Launch Partner” with Cynosure and Hologic for the introduction of a second generation RF device capable of cutting the treatment time almost in half, and obtaining a superior result with as few as 3 sessions. Results will be seen and felt after session 1.

Please – don’t suffer in silence! Let us know the problem and see if we can improve your life through our expertise and technology.

-Dr Eric Shreder