What is Body Sculpting Cavitation?

What is Bodysculpting Cavitation?

If you are looking for new and innovative procedures to remove unwanted fat and sculpt your body, look no further than body sculpting cavitation! There is no surgery involved, and it is not invasive. Because of this, there is no time off of work, no time necessary for recover, and no time spent in the hospital! Those that choose to take part in body sculpting cavitation procedures will see an improvement in 72 hours following treatment. The most common treatment areas for body sculpting cavitation are the abdomen, buttocks, male chest, love handles, chin, and inner thigh areas. It blasts away cellulite flawlessly! Body sculpting cavitation is the ideal option for those looking to regain confidence in their body, while contouring it to their ideal figure. After the first session, clients are likely to see results, but the most dramatic changes occur with four to eight sessions.

Body sculpting cavitation gets rid of fat cells by the utilization of low frequency sound waves. When the fat is destroyed, the body gets rid of the fat by turning it into protein, free fatty acids, and glycerol. Free fatty acids are transported to the liver where they break down and are removed by the body, and glycerol is used as a form of energy for the body.

The results you will see with body sculpting cavitation are similar to the results that you would achieve with a liposuction procedure. Both procedures are noninvasive and work with the body to get rid of the fat cells, but the results of body sculpting cavitation are not as immediate as you would see with surgical liposuction. With body sculpting cavitation, there is no pain or scarring.

Most clients that choose body sculpting cavitation to get the desired result consider the procedure comfortable and painless. During a treatment session, the patient will feel a soothing heat sensation on the areas being targeted. The skin may redden a bit, but it does not cause pain. The heat sensation is tolerable, and although you may be able to hear a slight buzzing noise from the tools used, there is no hard or side effects from it.

Body sculpting cavitation is an extremely safe procedure, and you will be able to carry on with your daily activities immediately following a treatment session.

The most widespread benefits of a cavitation procedure are as follows:

  • Results after just one session.
  • Specific trouble areas addressed accordingly.
  • Pain free.
  • No downtime.
  • Contouring with no pain.
  • Noninvasive and no surgery required.
  • Cellulite is removed and reduced
  • Effective and quick.

To put it into perspective, one can experience up to a 4-8 inch circumference reduction of the abdomen after one treatment session. After the initial session, the body will continue to reduce in circumference in increments. The results are long lasting with a healthy diet and exercise routine. If you choose not to eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle, you will regain the weight that you lost during the procedure. It is important that you commit to the lifestyle changes necessary in order to keep the results that you longed for and achieved!

Most people are good candidates for body sculpting cavitation; however, there are some conditions that would make a person not suitable for treatment of this nature. Those with heart disease, pacemakers, vascular diseases, thrombosis, serious illnesses, those with medical prosthetics, or those that are pregnant should not have body sculpting cavitation procedures. Some drugs may also interact negatively, so it is important to discuss all aspects of your lifestyle and the procedure itself with a medical professional before making the decision for or against the procedure.