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Renew Rx

Prescription renewals can be frustrating with Pharmacy, insurance, and our office all working to make sure you get the medications you need. Here is some advice to help this go as smooth as possible:

  • Best advice is prepare early for your known refills, if possible ask your pharmacy to auto-fill your monthly medications
  • If you do not have auto-fill to renew a script call your pharmacy first to have them request a refill, this will make sure the correct medication, dosage and directions are filled at the correct location.
  • If you need a new script, or script send to a new pharmacy please call our medication voice mail to leave a message – please call at least 3 days ahead of time so we ensure your medications are filled on time – call (480) 926-8000 option 2
    • when leaving a message state your full name and date of birth
    • include the pharmacy name and telephone number
    • include the medication name, strength, and dosage
  • If you have an urgent refill request please call the office at (480) 926-8000 option 1 for one of the schedulers to take a message for the doctors.
  • If your medication requires a prior authorization your refill will be significantly delayed, it is hard to know when a prior is needed but keep these point in mind
    • when you switch to a new insurance chances are a new prior authorization will be needed
    • typically approvals are only good for 1 year or sometimes every 6 months – make a note of when that time is up and give yourself extra time for those renewals

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