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Body Confidence – learn about CoolSculpting


It’s Dr Frye here…

And this month I need just a few minutes to talk about an exciting way to conquer what I believe to be the most common and definitely the most frustrating physical and mental health conundrum of all…

Body Confidence.

 Pretty much everyone at one stage or another has looked at themselves and seen something they’d like to change.

And usually they do that by going on a “weight loss mission”…

 But I’m not here to talk about diets, exercise routines or anything like that (we can talk about that in future emails)…

I’m here to talk about removing your stubborn, unwanted fat without needing to make any lifestyle sacrifices that will make you miserable.

Because let’s face it, traditional weight loss is hard…

I don’t know about you but I have a hard enough time juggling work and family commitments without having to find extra hours in the day to prepare specialty healthy meals and exercise like a professional athlete and I’m sure you’re the same!

So a “quick and easy” solution that melts away excess fat forever suits me just fine…

And so, I introduce you to CoolSculpting Technology…cs larger

 CoolSculpting has been around for a number of years now and with that, it’s become an increasingly popular time-tested way to eliminate unwanted body fat.

It’s FDA cleared so is 100% safe and trustworthy and can (generally speaking) be put to work on any troublesome area that you’d like to change.

Perhaps the real beauty of it is you do not have to exercise to see noticeably improved results (though obviously if you do decide to incorporate a healthy exercise regime with your CoolSculpting treatment you’ll see better results).

All you really need to do to ensure that this innovative technology works its magic is maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle and of course, we’ll be there to help you with that.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

No surgical procedures? No pain? No exercise? No strict diet? But I’ll still get visible results?

I know…

But once you understand the “science” behind CoolSculpting it all makes perfect sense.

In short, the CoolSculpting machine targets fat cells under the skin while keeping the skin itself completely unaffected by the treatment.

Those fat cells are then frozen at a specific temperature which ultimately reshapes your body and gives you the look and feel you desire for good!

And best of all…

The results are permanent.

 Yes… Once a fat cell is frozen it’s dead. Gone. Not coming back.

And as this treatment requires no invasive surgery you can go straight back to your daily routine from the moment you leave the clinic in most cases.

What Areas Can CoolSculpting Treat?

 CoolSculpting was really designed to remove ugly fat in the areas that most people find difficult to improve through just eating well and exercise.

In fact, you could say that CoolSculpting is specially made to treat the areas that make us feel insecure when we look in the mirror or head to the beach.

The abdomen (belly fat), love handles (fat around the hips), saddle bags (upper outer thighs) and inner thighs are the areas that we treat the most however, when you come in you can tell us what areas bother you the most and we can treat that area.

The idea is to have you feeling healthier, fitter and more confident by the time your treatment cycle has finished so don’t be embarrassed to talk to us…

Anything you say to us is completely confidential and it’s much better you talk to us about what’s bothering you than suffering in silence…

Can I See & Hear More About CoolSculpting Now?Coolsculpting youtube thumbnail

 Yes you can thanks to our series of short YouTube videos  that give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether this treatment is for you…

Watch Them Here Now…

 And Finally, What Do I Do If I’m Interested In CoolSculpting Treatment?

As great as fine-tuning your body without exercise sounds…

It’s not for everybody.

As CoolSculpting only targets what we’d describe as the “stubborn, jiggly fat” and everyone has a different body it’s impossible to say whether this treatment will work wonders for you or not without coming in for an Initial Consultation.

That initial consultation with our CoolSculpting tech is 100% free and confidential and allows us to give you an informed opinion on what your best course of action is.

You’ll receive a 360 degree body assessment on the day and what this does is tell us how many treatments you’ll need to get your desired results.

The typical CoolSculpting cs web before and afterpatient requires 4-8 treatments to see great results but some may need more or less than that.

As always, we’ll be your trusted partner on this and you can rely on us not to sell you any treatment  you don’t need.

Book Your Free Initial Consultation Here…

And I’ll Look Forward To Seeing You At Full Circle Health Very Soon,



Dr Jason Frye

Full Circle Health


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