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CardioPulminary eXercise testing


We are pleased to announce a new tool to help us preventatively diagnose heart and lung disease. And guess what: your insurance will pay for it!

Typically for just a regular office visit copay, you can get your fitness level evaluated with the Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test of CPX for short.

We do this test in our offices which will measure your heart and lungs during exercise.

The result will give your physician a more accurate look at Oxygen and Carbon dioxide exchange during physical activity. That information combined with an EKG for your heart and lung capacity exam will show if you have significant disease or if you are just out of shape. We will use this data to determine your fitness level, risk of heart disease, and also to distinguish whether your heart or lungs are the cause of the symptoms, and more.

If you have chest pain, shortness of breath, COPD, Diabetes, Obesity, Asthma, and/or fatigue, this test can help determine how serious those conditions are. But the great part about this test is that insurance sees this as a valuable tool to catch disease before you are even symptomatic. This enables us to get a baseline test without having one of the mentioned diagnoses. We look forward to incorporating this into all our ye~arly physical exams.


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