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December 2015 a year to remember


Myself and the rest of the team at Full Circle Health can’t believe 2015 is nearly over

It’s been a great year for us and we have you, our loyal patients to thank for that so before I go any further I’d just like to thank you for making Full Circle Health such a great place to work.

First I want to quickly reflect on all the exciting changes in 2015 – we changed our name!  We are still Pierpont Family Medicine now doing business as Full Circle Health.  We wanted people to know we were serious about our emphasis still to do quality Medical Care, but adding the focus on Weight Loss and Aesthetics.

To emphasize the weight loss we added a nutritionist Tonya and to emphasize Aesthetics we added Jean.  We also added Natalee as our dedicated Coolsculpting technician, and added Ultherapy and a Laser before the year was over.

We also finally put the finishing touches on a dedicated aesthetics room, I had to give up my office but I think it was worth it.

And we are not done . . .

We’re already looking to make some exciting new additions early 2016 so we have no doubt our healthy, confidence boosting treatments will continue to go from strength to strength in the coming months.


As it’s December and the festive season is upon us I thought you’d find a little“review” piece of some of 2015’s most important talking points useful.

Think of this as a “blueprint” to feeling and looking your best next year and if you would like book yourself a consultation or order anything related to anything below then you can do so but you’ll need to act quickly because the run up to Christmas is particularly busy for us.

Vitamin D Deficiency

We live in a place that only ranges from hot to very hot so for many of us sunscreen is almost an item of clothing and that’s great because it protects against the likes of skin cancer but it can also cause a Vitamin D Deficiency.  Speaking of sunscreen we have a great new sunscreen we are selling, and one you can get for free with a gift certificate purchase – check https://www.fullcircleaz.com/specials/ for details. 

Depression, heart disease and low testosterone are just some of the nasty things that can be caused by a Vitamin D Deficiency so we highly recommend a simple supplement that protects you from having to suffer at the hands of this little known killer.

Find Out More About Vitamin D Deficiency & Solutions Here


Am I Sick Or…?

Am I suffering from one of the many common food and environmental allergies millions of Americans experience often without knowing it.

Watery eyes, headaches, sneezing, congestion, plugged up ears and/or a runny nose could be simple symptoms of you being sick but more often than you’d care to think they’re symptoms of an allergy.

We have an allergy testing page on our website and a handful of great, over the counter (non prescription) treatments available so if you’d like to protect yourself from feeling miserable, missing a lot of time off work or having your vacation ruined then

Find Out More About Chronic Allergies & Treatments Here


“Low T” In Men & (Surprisingly) Women

13,000,000 men are living with Low Testosterone in the US and suffer a reduced sex drive, weight gain/loss of muscle mass, reduced mental clarity and loss of motivation/drive among other symptoms because of it.

This problem ISN’T exclusive to men however.

Women also suffer from “Low T” and similarly miserable symptoms but rarely look for a solution as they’re simply not aware this issue effects both sexes.

If you’re a man or woman over the age of 40 then you’re most at risk so please take the time to educate yourself about this increasingly common problem and seek out a solution if you find yourself with one or several of the symptoms.

Find Out More About Low T & Available Treatments Here


Get Body Confident

Both men and women find themselves looking in the mirror and not being entirely happy with what they see staring back at them so we always encourage anyone who wants to look and feel great to book a consultation with us to see if there’s anything we can do to make the process easier.

“CoolSculpting”, a machine that freezes fat cells so stubborn fat disappears permanently has been one of our most popular treatments this year and we expect that trend to continue well in to 2016 and beyond.

Treating your problem areas and looking your best has never been easier thanks to this pain-free solution.

Find Out More About “CoolSculpting” Stubborn Fat Removal Here


Do You Have Gut Bugs?

Certainly a contender for the newsletter you’d least like to read over dinner – The“Gut Bugs” issue in October talked about how gut microbes in your stomach could be causing a “bacteria imbalance” which in turn, could lead irritable bowels, bloating and an increased risk of Diabetes & Obesity.

 A great supplement known as “Probiotics” is all you need to ensure your quality of life isn’t threatened by gut bugs so if you haven’t already, I strongly recommend you discover the benefits of taking Probiotics below.

Find Out More About Gut Bugs & Probiotics Here

And that is essentially all we have time for this year!

 But before I go I want to take a second to acknowledge our amazing Physician Assistant Cameron Moskos on her one year anniversary with the practice.  If you have not had the pleasure to meet here she fills in when needed and has proven an invaluable resource for the clinics women’s health concerns.  Also she has gotten quite skilled at her Botox and filler injections – we are still honoring her discounted Botox rates on our specials page until the end of the year.(https://www.fullcircleaz.com/specials/)


Remember to call us at (480) 926-8000 if you’d like to make sure you head into 2016 in the best possible health and we’ll do our absolute best to squeeze you in before the Christmas period.

If we don’t have the pleasure of seeing you before then, on behalf of the entire Full Circle Health team we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best Wishes,

Dr Frye

P.S – In our January newsletter we’ll be talking about how to start 2016 in style by conquering perhaps the most common “New Year’s” health issue of all so I’ll see you then.

Also don’t forget to check out our special offers to end December –https://www.fullcircleaz.com/specials/


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