Extensive Physical Exam


At Full Circle Health one of the ways we can prevent disease and discover disease early is by doing an extensive annual physical exam. This exam will usually consist of an extensive review of the yearly laboratory test which often include a complete blood count, liver and kidney function tests, cholesterol, thyroid function, prostate testing (for men), diabetes testing, and other more specific testing as individually required.

Sometimes an EKG is needed to look for an abnormal heart rhythm or early signs of arterial blockage. For women a pap smear may be performed and tests such as mammography or bone density scans will be reviewed. Lastly, the physical exam is performed which will also include an extensive skin check for cancer.

If desired we can delve a little deeper with bloodwork that can give early warning for Breast Cancer. We have tests to see if you are risk for Diabetes. Our customized male and female panels can go a little deeper to check not just your cholesterol number but how big and how many particles of cholesterol are in your blood. Taking a closer look at vitamin and hormone levels can sometimes explain why you are just not feeling like yourself. These additional test are optional and not always covered by insurance.

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