Medical Records

Your medical records are yours, you have every right to a copy of them whenever you chose without a fee once per year. We ask that you allow us 10 – 14 business days to compile your records, and if your records are more than 20 pages we will create a computer disk with a .pdf file of your records. You will need to come to the office and pick up your hard copy records, or disk, personally and provide picture identification and sign to release them to you.

We do not fax or email complete medical records to patients.

Ideally we would rather send your records to a new provider on your behalf to protect your health information. If a lawyer or other agency request records on your behalf you will need to sign a release and a fee will the charged to the entity requesting records.

If you request a complete copy of your chart within 365 days a fee will be charged for that record request – typically $40.00. If you need a copy of a current date of service we can provide that at the time of service.

Medical Records Release – form to request records from another doctor or facility or get records sent to us from another facility. Print this form fill out and send back to the office via fax: (480) 926-3445 or send an email to

Medical Records Release to family – share records with trusted family and friends to allow to talk about your visits and diagnosis. Print this form fill out and send back to the office via fax: (480) 926-3445 or send an email to

Release to family form is for anyone over 18 years of age that wants to give us permission to speak with a spouse or love one regarding treatment and diagnosis. Your health information is protected and not to be shared with anyone unless you have signed the release. As innocent as a request may be from a spouse to know what medication their loved one is on might be we can not share that information.

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