Should I have this mole/spot checked?

Our Doctors have extensive experience in the identification and treatment of many skin conditions including skin cancer.


Full Circle Health provides comprehensive dermatology services. Our physicians have extensive training in dermatologic surgery. We perform thorough skin exams to specifically identify cancerous skin growths and pre-cancerous lesions.

From diagnosis to treatment, we can handle the majority of skin conditions ranging from:

  • Simple rashes
  • Non-malignant moles
  • Pre-cancers
  • Basal cell cancer
  • Squamous cell cancer
  • Melanoma cancer

We perform the following procedures:

  • Shave biopsies (shallow)
  • Punch biopsies (deep)
  • Excisional biopsies (complete removal)
  • Skin grafting after excisional biopsy ( if needed)
  • Cryo surgery (freezing / destruction)
  • Electro surgery (electrical burning /destruction)

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