Outpatient Detox


Suboxone (and the newer Zubsolve, Bunavail) are a buprenorphine based prescription medication specifically designed to ease withdrawal from highly addictive opiates like heroin and the popular prescription pain medications Vicodin and Oxycontin. Dr. Eric Shreder is a federally licensed (waived) Suboxone prescribing doctor located in Mesa, Arizona.

Here at Full Circle Health each person’s outpatient detox program is custom tailored to their needs. Here are the details of the program:

  1. $500.00 for the first month of therapy (not covered by insurance – self pay)
  2. The first month of therapy includes 3 visits
  3. If monthly visits are required after the first month of visits it will be $125.00
  4. There will be urine drug screen and pharmacy board check to ensure patients are compliant with care
  5. We usually see our new patient Suboxone daily starting at 8:30 and plan on them leaving by 11:00 – we only see one new detox patient a day usually
  6. If you are currently on Suboxone and want to change to Dr. Shreder as your doctor and are stable on Suboxone the charge will be $250.00 (not through insurance) for the first visit.

Patients will need to come in having cut back on whatever opiods they have taken – this is important because if you are not starting withdraws you could rapidly detox and get very ill on Suboxone. We want you not in withdraws but right on the edge and needing to take your medicine.

Suboxone dissolved under your tongue and can work fast to relieve detox symptoms.


The first visit will establish your starting dose (the goal is to not start you too high) and then get you stable on Suboxone. You will need to come in for a consult with the doctor, then he will give you a prescription for a weeks worth of medicine and then send you to the pharmacy to get it. You then come right back to have the doctor teach you how to take the medicine and find your starting dose.

The second visit (covered in the $500.00 fee) we will see how you have done on the medicine and start a plan to step down the dosage. Our goal is to not trade one addiction or dependency for another and we want you to at least get to a lower dose of Suboxone if you need extended therapy.

At the third visit (already prepaid for with $500.00 charge) we will see how you did with the plan to step down. Some will do well and some with struggle with lowering their dose over time and we will assess the current status and then plan monthly visits to get you to your goal.

We are not pain management or addiction specialist, we are not the right place for everyone. The ideal patient is self motivated and has decided they will do what it takes to get better. That includes drug screens, showing up for appointment, paying their bills on time and taking their medicine as directed. If Dr. Shreder decides you would benefit from extended therapy we make sure you are on a lower dose of medicine.


Each person gets individual attention from Dr. Shreder and a custom plan is put together to get you the help you need. We have resources available to help you with supporting services like counseling groups, specialist doctors, etc. We often see the true issues come to light as people detox with Suboxone and we can help with depression, anxiety, restless leg, sleep issues, or pain.

We want everyone to succeed but there are rules to follow, we think we are firm but fair. There will come relapses with detox patients and we may require random drug screens or appointments more often to get you back on track. If at some point in your therapy you are shown to violate our policies you will be referred out to inpatient or addiction specialists to continue your care.

We see this as an opportunity to build new patient relationships. if you have a favorite primary care stay with them, if you are looking for a new family doctor perhaps we can fill that roll for you. Having a doctor with knowledge and experience regarding these issues can be a valuable asset for patients dealing with chronic pain and addiction/dependence problems.

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