Weight Loss


Let’s face it some of us need a little extra help and advice when it comes to weight loss. You can not count on just a monthly visit with your doctor to get you the help you need, it can can leave some people with an overwhelming feeling that their weight loss is unattainable. It is not as easy as those radio ads make it seem.

In order to meet patients weight loss needs, we use a combined approach of teaching proper eating guidelines and building a trusted coaching relationship.


We first identify current eating behaviors and develop goals to possibly enhance or inhibit those behaviors and develop a schedule that is comfortable for weight check in and establish the importance of being accountable.

At each encounter new things are discussed such as better food choices, reading food labels, and exercise goals. We discuss obstacles that are holding patients back from success and we work together to find a new approach to any potential roadblocks.


Key elements that makes our program easier for patients to follow:

  • Dispensing prescription diet medications in the office
  • Lipotropic injections to get that weight loss jumpstart given in office
  • Snacks and meals to offer healthy alternatives for patients sold in the office
  • Weekly weight checks and weight loss discussions
  • More emphasis on hormones and role they play in weight loss
  • Supplements and vitamins to support your health as you lose weight that you can pick up in office

Our Recipe for Weight Loss Success at Full Circle Health



When working with patients to meet their weight loss needs, I used a combined approach of teaching eating guidelines and building trust in a coaching relationship. I first help identify current eating behaviors and develop goals to encourage good behavior and possibly combat those bad behaviors. I will work with each patient individually to develop a schedule that is comfortable for weight check ins and talk with patients about being accountable for their own health and well-being.



At each weekly encounter new skills are taught such as better food choices, reading food labels, and how to reach exercise goals. I discuss obstacles and we work together to find a new approach to overcome any roadblocks. Just having someone to confide in as we all struggle to maintain a healthy style can be as helpful as any educational materials or food diary.



Each visit for weight follow up is provided at no charge to the patient. The only cost that may be encountered at these visits is the cost of any injectable or food supplements that are purchased. We do our best to provide you the tools necessary to succeed.



Most of us can’t resist the temptations of cookies, cakes, and soda. But sometimes our simple daily choices can make a big difference in your chances of success or failure. We know it is tough to make good choices so we offer great tasting healthy choices for you.

If you like vanilla we have some great tasting shakes, you prefer a crunchy snack we have great tasking protein bars, into something chewier we have you covered with a different type of protein bar. We even have fruit smoothies and coffee drinks that can help with replacing that candy bar or fast food meal with a nutritious meal or snack that gives you the energy you need to make it through your day. (Medications however are only dispensed by the providers at your monthly visit with the doctor.)



Listen we all struggle to make good food, exercise, lifestyle choices. To some of us food is comfort, to others it is escape, and more often than not it is too complicated to address in only one visit a month. So let me help you as we work together to create a plan; a plan that will grow and evolve as your journey to your ideal healthy weight continues. We do not offer a diet program we promote a healthy lifestyle and we have some great tools to help you achieve those long term goals.

Call me to set up a complimentary appointment to discuss how we can be your partner in weight loss.

P.S. Once you reach your goal weight, if you still have some stubborn fat areas check in with our aesthetician to see if Coolsculpting can help.

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