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Reducing the Appearance of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Hi, this is Dr. Shreder.  As an aesthetic medical physician, on any typical day, I am presented with multiple opportunities to help people “turn back the clock’ of their appearance.

Today, I would like to discuss those dark circles and depressions that occur under many peoples eyes that occur as they age.  They are called “tear troughs” or “tear Trough deformity” in the profession.  They generally make people appear both tired and older than they really are.  They are generally the result of both skin thinning and loss of subcutaneous fat as we age and are exposed to sunlight.

Recently, great treatments have been developed to reduce the appearance of tear troughs, both temporarily and more permanently.  Newer generation fillers offer excellent ways to reduce the appearance of the circles with no downtime.

After a topical anesthetic is applied, I prefer to use a very thin “pipe like” device called a Cannula to deliver the material to the precise areas needed.  The tip is not sharp but is instead – blunt. It avoids most of the problems with needles – that of bruising.  The cannula is also safer in that it pushes around blood vessels rather than piercing them, avoiding the side effect of injecting the material into a blood vessel.  With only a few entry “ports” I am able to completely fill the problem areas with the greatest precision, giving instant results.  When handed a mirror after the procedure, most patients are visibly amazed by their “refreshed appearance.”

If you are interested in eliminating those depressions below your eyes, set up an appointment with me or my assistant Jean. 480.526.5756


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