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Secrets of Anti-Aging

With the beginning of a new year, a lot of people are thinking about Resolution goals they’d like to aim for in 2018. As you may know, among the most popular resolutions that people make are weight-loss and getting into shape. One you may not have considered, however, is balancing your hormones. Were you aware that when hormones are at their optimal peak, they can help with weight loss and lean muscle mass? More importantly, there are numerous health benefits that come from maintaining hormone levels at what they naturally are during our 20’s and our 30’s.

In this article, we will explore various oral supplements that can be used to support the balance of our natural hormones. First things first, “What are hormones?”

What are Hormones

Many of us identify hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. However, there are so many more! Hormones are manufactured by nine different glands in our endocrine system and are the cause for making our body function the way they do. With age, hormone levels decrease, which results in slower metabolism, heart disease, anxiety, to name a few; conditions that we typically don’t link to hormones. Sometimes by adding just a few oral supplements to our routine can make a remarkable difference in aiding our endocrine system and improving the way you feel.

Take a look at our list of SUPPLEMENTS WORTH CONSIDERING…


Physicians regard Melatonin as one of the most overlooked supplements with respect to its numerous benefits. While generally regarded as a nighttime sleep aid, Melatonin actually produces many other benefits as well.

Aiding sleep: The pineal gland secretes Melatonin, and it helps to regulate circadian rhythm, our body’s internal 24-hour clock that functions in making us feel like going to sleep and when to wake up. Typically, our body makes more melatonin when it’s dark outside, and makes less when it’s light. There are several conditions which can lead to a reduction in melatonin production, such as weather, for those who travel across multiple time-zones or work the night-shift or being exposed to blue-spectrum light in the evening such as through watching T.V or by using the computer. Studies show that those who use oral supplementation who have insomnia, suffer from jet-lag, and engage in shift-work, sleep better and are more alert in the morning.

As a Hormone: Melatonin is involved in the regulation of female reproductive hormones, helps in sleep cycles for women undergoing menopause and assists in preventing bone loss during peri-menopause aging: Some researchers propose that a reduction in melatonin is related to the process of aging, as studies have shown that those with the highest levels of melatonin are young children and that as we age our melatonin levels decrease.

Heart disease: Studies show that melatonin supplementation helps protect against heart disease as it may lower blood pressure and help improve cholesterol levels. It also functions as an antioxidant, strengthening the immune system.

Cancer Prevention: Studies have shown that low melatonin levels is correlated with prostate and breast cancer.

Chronic Pain: Randomized, placebo-controlled studies have found that those who suffer from chronic pain such as from fibromyalgia or a migraine experienced a significant lessening of pain when taking a melatonin supplement.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Preliminary research has drawn a connection between melatonin can a reduction in stomach pain, frequency of bowel movements in those with IBS, and bloating.

Sunburn: Preliminary studies have suggested that sun products that are infused with melatonin may lower the risk of sunburn and skin damage through UV radiation.


DHEA is manufactured by our adrenal glands. It is what’s known as a hormone precursor, which is a substance converted by the body into a hormone. DHEA is known a promoting agent for healthy sex hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone, in both women and men, and it helps to support our body’s response system undergoing stress. It is the counterpart to the stress hormone cortisol. Many researchers suggest that adding DHEA supplementation to our lives has anti-aging benefits, as DHEA levels are at their peak in our 20’s. Here are a few benefits and positive effects being examined throughout the current literature…

Improved Libido and Fertility: Studies suggest that DHEA supplementation may improve the function of the ovaries and improve libido in both sexes.

Bone Density: Studies suggest that low levels of DHEA can lead to more bone fractures in older adults. DHEA supplementation can result in increased bone density in women over time.

Increased Body Strength: Although some claim that DEHA can help to increase overall strength, studies have shown that, unfortunately, it does not lead to increased muscle mass, even though it elevates testosterone levels (sorry guys).

Increased Adrenal Function: Since DHEA is produced in the adrenal glands, found above the kidneys, DHEA supplementation is shown to aid in easing symptoms of adrenal insufficiency, which can cause weakness, fatigue, and fluctuations in blood pressure. For women, adrenal insufficiency can also lead to anxiety and depression.

While studies point to the effectiveness of DHEA supplementation, its use is only optimal for those with DHEA deficiency. This is a case of more is not better. Consult with your doctor and have a blood test to see whether your DHEA levels are lower than optimum. As DHEA is a hormone, it is also not recommended for those with cancers that are affected by sex hormones.


DIM is a targeted supplement manufactured from metabolites that found in cruciferous vegetables such as Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts, and Kale. These vegetables are all rich in indole-3-carbinol, which is metabolized by our digestive tract into DIM. DIM then works to support the right estrogen metabolism. Therefore, it makes sense that consuming lots of cruciferous vegetables is vital for maintaining good hormonal health. However, their nutritional benefits are broken down when these vegetables are cooked. With today’s hectic schedules, it’s not easy to receive all our nutritional needs by the food we eat, alone.

Estrogen is generally recognized as a female hormone and is known to relay messages to our cells to “grow, divide and multiply”. This is a vital function in human development and tissue repair. Both women and men require estrogen, but too much estrogen can result in cancer. In women, there’s an increased risk of breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer. In men, an increased risk for prostate cancer. In both sexes, having too much estrogen can lead to weight gain, moodiness, and fatigue.

DIM has the capability to adjust how the body metabolizes estrogen, which regulates how the liver breaks it down, either into “good” estrogen or “bad”.

Another boon brought to us by DIM is its ability to control the absorption of “good estrogen”, this increases the body’s ability to help “free testosterone” levels without increasing overall testosterone. “Free testosterone” only accounts for about 2 percent of total testosterone in men, even less in women. Free testosterone is the most beneficial form of testosterone, the form that crosses over to the brain, muscles and fat cells. It’s clear that we’d want to take full advantage of this advantageous form of testosterone!

Here are some additional health benefits that come with free testosterone:

  • Release of stored fat for higher energy levels·
  • Mood enhancement
  • Improved lean muscle mass
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Enhances immune function
  • Can alleviate breast tenderness
  • Increased sex drive

* Many health care providers think that incorporating DIM into supplementation is crucial for all adults, particularly for those undergoing hormone imbalance and being treated for it. Always check with your doctor first before adding DIM to your supplements! 

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is classified as a steroid hormone that is used for assisting in bone health and for the absorption of calcium and phosphorous in the gastrointestinal tract. Here are some additional benefits of Vitamin D3:

  • It helps boost the immune system and can also lower the risk of developing heart disease. Some studies suggest that Vitamin D can lower the likelihood of developing the flu
  • Studies suggest that Vitamin D can mitigate depression and help alleviate anxiety
  • Vitamin D has can work as a mild appetite suppressant so it may help in weight loss

*Vitamin D is fat-soluble which can, therefore, build up and cause toxicity. So it’s important to have a blood test to see if Vitamin D supplementation is a good choice for you and to have annual check-ups that ascertain your D level. 


Pregnenolone plays a significant role in balancing hormones as a precursor to progesterone and cortisol. It keeps the balance in the body’s response to stress and also promotes cognitive function and health. Studies suggest that Pregnenolone levels lower with age and that when levels of Pregnenolone are maintained that this can improve the overall functioning of the brain.

*It’s a good idea to consult with your provider before starting oral supplementation as there may be certain interactions and side effects with prescription medications or it may not be the best fit for some health conditions.

At Full Circle Health and Wellness, we offer prescription-grade supplements at affordable prices. You can order online at www.fullcircleaz.com/shop. Check with DR Shreder, DR Frye, or one of our Nurse Practitioner’s, Carrie or Sarah, to see if there may be a good complement to your health and wellness routine.


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