Skin Cancer Detection and Treatment


Is It a Mole Or a Skin Cancer?

In Arizona time in the sun is unavoidable, make sure you are protected with sunscreen and the appropriate clothes. Eventually all of us have that moment were we see a new skin blemish and we think is that a mole or a skin cancer? Don’t take any chances take initiative and call your doctor.


But Should You Call a Dermatologist?

Until you know what you are dealing with it is not necessary to call a specialist in. Here at Full Circle Health we have over 15 years of experience finding and treating skin cancers. The specialist we eventually refer to know we have taken all the steps possible in diagnosis and treatment and when we get a specialist involved they know they need to act fast and the patient needs an advanced surgery.


What Do I Look for on My Own?

The A,B,C,D,E method is a common but effective way to assess your own skin blemish.

Asymmetry with irregular Borders should give you pause, ragged edges needs to be checked by a trained eye. When the Color is irregular and splotchy and the Diameter is larger than 6mm time to get it checked. If you are not sure of any of the previous signs, keep an eye on it, if you see it grow in size or changes in color or texture call us.

Part of our normal yearly physicals involved checking any suspicious skin legions.

What Testing And Treatments Can Be Done Right Away?

At Full Circle Health we know our limits we are not pretending to be Dermatologists or Plastic Surgeons, if you have a confirmed skin cancer on an area we are uncomfortable treating (such as eye lid) you will need to see a specialist. But we can rule out what is a mole vs what is a cancer. Come see us, let us do a shave biopsy to have the lab analyze the cells and tell us if it is a cancer or not. If it is a cancer we will act quickly to get you in to see us, if we can do the excisional biopsy we will do it right in our office. If it is outside our treatment scope or comfort level we have a network of great surgeons who will know what needs to happen next based on our work.

The Key is Early Detection And Not Wasting Time if You Need Treatment!

If you call us and say you have a suspicious skin spot you need checked out, we can get you in and get a trained on it within a few days. If we need to confirm our suspicions with a shave biopsy the lab takes a few days to get us those results. If we get a confirmed diagnosis of skin cancer we will act fast to get you the excisional biopsy or referral to a specialist as needed. Many times with-in 2 weeks from start to finish you know what you are dealing with any have even been treated in full.

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