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Testosterone not just for men

Good Day,

It’s Dr. Jason Frye here and today I want to quickly talk to you about one of the most common “Dad To Dad” questions I get asked…

If you’re not familiar with the term “Dad To Dad” (and why would you be?) it’s basically any conversation I have with other fathers who know me as a health specialist from the clinic, school or even sports clubs.

They like to make sure they’re “in the know” about anything that can potentially make them and their family happier and healthier…

So I’ve found myself talking A LOT about one area in particular over the last few weeks…male

It’s a problem that effects 13,000,000 men across the US…

And it’s a problem that you’d think is exclusive to men but it actually effects women too.

(More on that later).

In the meantime I’m going to relay the same information I gave to a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago…

It was only Wednesday but my friend came to me saying he’d had a “long week at work”.

He was clearly exhausted.

Long hours in the office, jobs to do at home and kids to look after has that effectbut…

He said he couldn’t remember the last time he woke up feeling completely refreshed and full of energy.

Drained of spirit, zapped of motivation and looking like he needed a healthy dose of vitality I started to explain to him why I thought it might be his testosterone levels that were to blame.

You can probably relate to having a week that takes a lot out of you but if that’s happening frequently then the problem may run a little deeper than simply circumstance.

Known as “Low T” in the media, the problem typically effects men between the ages of 35 and 60.

The Most Common Symptoms Are… 

  • Decreased Libido/Sex Drive
  • Lack of Energy/Motivation
  • Reduced Mental Clarity
  • Constant Fatigue (Chronic)
  • Disrupted Sleeping Patterns
  • Reduced Muscle Mass
  • Increased Body Fat
  • Increased Irritability
  • Feelings of Stress/Depression

And while none of the symptoms are particularly life threatening they’re certainly decreasing your quality of life and your families.

And It Doesn’t Just Effect Men…r4

Most people believe testosterone to be a “male only” problem as it’s long been known as the “male hormone” but women also need healthy levels of testosterone, just like men need the female hormone estrogen.

The difference is while men are 95% testosterone and 5% estrogen…

Women have a much better balance of the hormones and typically produce 60% estrogen and 40% testosterone which means low testosterone is very prevalent in women and in my opinion far more unlikely to be detected as the media tend to focus on what Low T is doing to men.

If you feel more comfortable talking women’s health with a female my physician’s assistant Cameron is well versed in female hormone issues.

You can find plenty of information on hormone deficiency in women at our website if you follow the link below…

Hormone Deficiency In Women – Full Circle AZ

And as this problem is becoming increasingly common among both sexes we now offer a range of great affordable anti-aging treatments that…

Might Be Covered By Insurance…

In recent times insurance companies have tightened their belts on Low T treatments and now require men to test below a certain level to receive fully covered treatment.

Difference insurance companies will also have different preferred medications so how you choose to combat your Low T may be decided by your insurance providers more than us, the doctors.

There’s More Information On This Here – Full Circle AZ

In most cases however, a painless series of injections is what will be recommended to have you feeling young and full of energy again.

The most common Low T injection is usually administered monthly (occasionally weekly for better results) and in the event of your insurance company not offering to cover the treatment you can sleep easy knowing each shot is just $40.00.

There’s also now a great range of gels, ointments and creams that you can apply from the comfort of your own home.

But perhaps the most popular solutions to Low T are the ones that don’t require you to make numerous, regular trips to the clinic to see life-changing results.

There is a long-acting injection that last for two months and with insurance can be as little as $75 – $100 every two months.

But the testosterone pellets remain the best option in terms of both results and convenience.

The pellets are easily put in here at the clinic and a whole years worth can be administered with just 4 quick visits.

With or without insurance contributing to your treatment this is still very affordable across the course of a year and is just one of the “outside of the box” treatment options we offer men who want to drastically increase their quality of life through Low T treatment.

You Can Read More About Treatments Here – Full Circle AZ

And Lastly… 

I’d like to encourage anyone, male or female who’s been feeling older than their years to seek a solution.

It goes without saying that anything you say to us is completely confidential and we’ll always look to recommend you the best course of action.

If you are a sufferer of Low T, you honestly won’t believe how much of a difference a few simple, painless treatments can make to your life.

Your career, love life, relationships and overall happiness all stand to benefit and you can get the wheels in motion by doing nothing more than quickly requesting a consultation with Full Circle Health today.

Request A Testosterone Treatment Consultation Us Now!

providersAnd both myself and Dr. Shreder and Cameron wish you all the best for the future.

Warmest Regards,


Dr. Jason Frye

Full Circle Health Mesa AZ



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