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Few things can be as frustrating as stretch marks on beautiful skin. Stretch marks can appear for many reasons, including pregnancy, puberty, and short-term weight-gain. More specifically, stretch marks form when the dermis–the layer of skin responsible for maintaining shape and elasticity–becomes stretched beyond what it can tolerate. When this occurs, the connective fibers in the skin breakdown. This disrupts collagen production and leaves you with stripe-like scars that characterize stretch-marks. If you suffer from this condition, you may think that you’re out of luck. In fact, advances in laser technology have made reshaping the skin a simple process. The great majority of patients who decide to undergo this process are happy with the results.

A typical session of laser therapy for stretch mark removal involves a specialized beam of light directed at skin. The light works to disrupt the molecular bonds of tissue and causes the skin to disintegrate. We refer to this process as ablation. While the idea of “disintegrating” skin may sound scary, the use of this laser is very controlled and safe. There is very little potential to cause injury. (Compare this to other forms of lasers designed to cut or burn.) Once a treatment session is complete, you can expect the affected area to become red and tender. This is the result of removed scarred tissue, and a sign that new skin is being formed. In very little time, the affected skin will heal and reveal new layers of healthy, tight and smooth skin. The stretch marks will have disappeared, and your left feeling and looking terrific.

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