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Maintain a Healthy, Productive Life

You have seen it before, perhaps with your own parents, grandparents, or relatives. That rapid, progressive decline in energy, mobility, vision, strength and memory that can begin in the late to early 60’s and perhaps even in the mid 50’s or before. Do you feel OK now, but wonder if you could feel good when you are 75? Are you already beginning to “feel you age?” Are you comfortable with that decline for yourself? Is it your genetic destiny? Is there a way to slow or postpone many of the signs and symptoms of aging, or even extend the USEFUL, FUNCTIONAL lifespan?anti-aging graph

Most physicians recognize the path to rapid functional decline such as lack of exercise, smoking, drinking in excess, obesity, exposure to toxins and poor diet. But most physicians do not recognize or take advantage, even for themselves, of the medications, supplements, and other proven techniques to extend their own functional lives!  Amazing! How many out of shape, overweight ones do you know? I personally know many.  An example of a new method for looking at your biological age vs chronological age is telomere testing. The length of telomeres generally related to longevity and is possibly modifiable with lifestyle changes by enhancing telomerase activity – wouldn’t you be interested in finding out how?

We at Full Circle Health are not idealists, rather very practical and pragmatic to our approach to Anti -aging. First, we practice what we teach. Second, we recognize bad things can befall even the most conscientious among us, such as cancer, genetics or congenital defects. Third, by taking control of the things that YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF  you have the best chance for slowing aging , and reducing risks.

Perhaps you are interested in our approach? If so, schedule a wellness consult or select from our menu of the particular services that you are interested in — from basic issue oriented programs such as obesity, or hormone balance to a complete, comprehensive ongoing age management program. “IT’S YOUR LIFE – TAKE CONTROL!”

~Dr. Eric Shreder

Anti-Aging medicine is a form of medicine that uses advances in technology to detect, prevent, and treat aging related diseases. It is:

  • Scientific
  • Evidence Based
  • Well Documented in Medical Review Journals

How Does It Work?

Anti-aging medicine utilizes advanced clinical technologies set in a wellness oriented model to combat degenerative diseases associated with aging. The goal of anti-aging medicine is to prolong a healthy lifestyle along with early detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders and diseases.

A healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices are all very important in relation to healthy aging, but they can only go so far due to a decline in vitamin, mineral and hormone levels. Optimizing these levels along with early detection and treatment of age related diseases will not merely prolong your lifespan but will aid in maintaining a healthy, more youthful, productive life.

Anti-Aging Medicine Utilizes:

  • Advanced Diagnostic Testing
  • Bio Identical Hormone Therapy
  • Supplements and/or Medications
  • Diet Programs
  • Support in Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices
  • Exercise

What Will Anti-Aging Medicine Do for Me?

Anti-Aging Medicine will help in maintaining healthy youthful functions within the:

  • Musculoskeletal System
  • Cardiovascular System

As well as:

  • Maintain Healthy Mental Function
  • Maintain Sexual Health

Around the world, people are looking for ways to stay healthy, active, and vital well into their older years. The principles of the anti-aging lifestyle have gained widespread acceptance as a viable alternative in developing lifelong habits and a lifestyle for healthy living.

Here at Full Circle Health our providers don’t just practice the art of anti-aging medicine,  they live it.  They are continually  seeking out new techniques and learning new skills in order to provide the latest and most effective care.  Continuing education ensures we are on the cutting edge in this exciting field. Improving quality of life during the aging process guarantees positive mental health, physical health and overall enjoyment of life.  

Don’t settle for growing old gracefully, fight it every step of the way.  Be strong physically, sharp mentally, and always strive to better yourself so you can get the most out of life.


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