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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

This is Dr. Eric Shreder at Full Circle Health in Mesa, Arizona. I’d like to talk to you today about a uncomfortable subject for a lot of guys, and that is Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Many guys are going to experience ED sooner or later, either due to medicine side effects, or just generalized aging. I know it’s embarrassing, but the key thing, and the cool thing, is we’ve got some new exciting technologies here that work well in a drug-free fashion to actually bring back what you may have lost over the years. To take you from loose, and flaccid, to actually hard and able to penetrate.

There’s two technologies in combination that create the best opportunity for improved erections and sexual health.  Number one is PRP, which is platelet-rich plasma therapy. That’s where we take your blood and spin it down, take the platelets out of the blood and then inject them into the penis. This actually stimulates improved blood flow by actually recruiting circulating stem cells to come and actually repair the areas in the penis that are kind of worn out over time. This can help with your erection and increase of sensation.

The second technology is a pulse therapy, an acoustic wave technology that actually puts energy into the shaft of the penis to improve growth factors and blood flow including energy metabolism in the tissues of the penis to actually improve ED. While doing this it also breaks down microscopic plaques that could be impeding the blood flow. This can help “turn back the clock” and hopefully help you get erections easier and stronger, like when you were younger.

Using both of these methods (we call it PRPPulse) in tandem seems to give the best results. If you don’t want to be dependent on using a drug like Viagra, Cialis, or something similar on a regular basis this is worth a try. If you are tired of having to plan everything out in advance, losing that spontaneity, and want to have things work more naturally, this is the best option.

I think with approximately six treatments spaced about a week apart, most people feel that they get great results and it is a life changing therapy for those suffering with ED.

And for those with Peyronie’s disease (bent or curvature of the penis) this could be a drug-free treatment that take care of that issue for you also.

Don’t be embarrassed, call today for a free telephone to learn about our unique approach to erectile dysfunction and help men get more our of their sex life. (480) 926-8000


Eric Shreder D.O.

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