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Female Treatment Plan

women 216x300 Female Treatment PlanWhat Are the Symptoms of Hormone Deficiency in Women?

Common symptoms of estrogen deficiency include: hot flashes or flushing, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, sleep disturbances, and anxiety.

Common symptoms of testosterone deficiency include: fatigue, decreased libido and/or sexual dysfunction, depressed mood, brain “fogginess” or decreased mental clarity, forgetfulness, decreased muscle mass, and difficulty losing weight.

Isn’t Testosterone a “Man’s Hormone”?

Actually, this is a common misconception. While it is true that men are 95% testosterone and 5% estrogen (yes, men make estrogen too!), testosterone plays a vital role in the hormone make-up of a woman. Women produce approximately 60% estrogen and 40% testosterone.

What Are Some of the Protective Benefits of Bio-identical Estrogen And Testosterone?

Studies have shown that estrogen is protective against heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders. Estrogen replacement can also improve vaginal atrophy, incontinence, depression. Furthermore, estrogen plays a significant role in restoring collagen in skin naturally, thereby improving skin wrinkling of the face.

Testosterone has many protective qualities. Many do not realize that the main function of testosterone is to burn sugar. It does this by building muscle mass. In doing so, testosterone helps to reduce blood sugar and prevent diabetes. It also protects against cardiovascular disease

What About Bio-identical Progesterone?

Bio-identical progesterone is important especially for women who have a uterus and intend to start estrogen replacement. It’s main function is to protect against uterine (endometrial) cancer. Unfortunately, many women are prescribed a synthetic horse-derived progestin (Provera) which is dangerous to your health. A large study in 2002 called the Women’s Health Initiative demonstrated that Provera increases the risk for adverse cardiovascular events including blood clots in the lungs, strokes, and heart attacks. Furthermore, the study showed a link between Provera use and invasive breast cancer. Bio-identical progesterone is safe and does not carry these risks.

How is Bio-identical Hormone Therapy Administered?

For women, the most common forms of bio-identical hormone therapy are creams, troches (lozenge designed to dissolve), and pellets. Pellets are the most popular form of hormone replacement for women at Full Circle Health. Time-released pellets (about the size of a grain of rice) are inserted in the body fat. Pellets are usually painless to insert, and provide a steady hormone level for approximately 3 months. Complications from pellet insertion are minimal but may consist of minor bleeding or bruising.

New pricing structure for 2016 with Female pellets.  Due to insurance coverage and price increase we have decided to simplify pellets for women.  Your pellets now cost $250.00 out of pocket for as much Estrogen and Testosterone you need.  The rest of the procedure we don’t even need to bill to insurance if you don’t want.  Some plans pay for pellet insertion, some plans don’t, and other apply it to deductible.

Instead of fighting with insurance over the insertion we have made the insertion free with purchase of the bio-idenital compounded medication.  In an effort to make it the same across each insurance plan this new pricing structure will allow you to budget correctly no matter what the plan.  So always plan on $250.00 each visit every 3 months, we feel this is still a competitive price and discounted compared to many other options out there.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us today. I am confident that bio-identical hormone therapy can dramatically improve the quality of life and health for many!

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